Shipping and return policies for Mork & Andee

Shipping Info
Shipping Info

Typically, shipping takes between 7 to 14 days within Australia and up to 28 days internationally. We use Australia Post to send out our orders.

A special note is that all shipping is handled by the band themselves. If LORD is on tour or in the studio, it's possible there may be minor delays with shipping your order. For information about your order status, contact with your order number.
Return Policy
Returns & Complaints

In the last 10 years or so that we've been offering online sales, we've had less than 5 complains and most have been due to a misunderstanding about how long postage would take or in the very rare circumstance that a package has been damaged in transit. We pride ourselves on looking after the fans first and making sure everyone is happy.

We encourage you to contact us at with your order number first to explain your issue and we can work together to arrive at mutually agreeable resolution. In most cases, as mentioned before, it's usually down to a misunderstanding, but if a package is lost or damaged or simply wrong (it's incredibly rare but it can happen), we will work towards offering a replacement or a refund, depending on the circumstances.

Ultimately we want you to be happy, so please contact us first at with your order number.